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What is the procedure to book your services / How much of a deposit do you require?

We consider bookings on a first come / first serve basis. However, simply inquiring about, expressing interest in, or asking for a specific date does not constitute a booking. Our services for wedding photography coverage should be considered as secured only after we discuss your requirements in detail with you, which will determine if our style of coverage is well suited to your needs. After this initial exchange, 30% of your package selection will be required to book the date.


How far in advance are you taking bookings / do I have to make a booking?

Our bookings are generally made about a year and a half before the wedding date. If you want to be sure of securing a specific date for a Friday or Saturday during the busy summer months (we generally consider this to be July to September), it's best to book two years in advance, if possible.


Is my deposit refundable / What is your cancellation policy?

The function of the deposit is to serve both parties. For the couple getting married, it confirms that they will have professionals available to photograph their wedding day. For the photographer, it ensures that they will be working so they can maintain their business.

As stated in our contract, deposits are not refundable or transferable to another date.


When do I pay?

As stated above, the deposit is paid at the time of your booking. The balance is due 30 days before the wedding date.


If your Package Pricing changes after I've confirmed my booking with a deposit, will I have to pay the new rate?

No, once your booking is confirmed with a deposit, your Package Price won't change. You are guaranteed selection from the Package Pricing that was current on the date that your booking was confirmed.


What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, we accept Credit Card, Cheque, Cash or Money Order.


What do we do about photography if the weather doesn't co-operate on my wedding day?

It's a good idea to have an indoor location arranged in case of bad weather on your wedding day. There is often a cost associated with having this option, but considering how rapidly the weather can change in Newfoundland, and the amount of money you've likely already spent on your wedding, we think it really is money well spent!

For weddings taking place in the City of St. John's, there are several establishments that rent on an hourly basis for this purpose. One such place that is often used by our clients is the Winterholme Heritage Inn. This is perhaps the most beautiful old ornate building in the province, with a large common area that can accommodate small groups of up to 20 people. We've not yet seen an indoor location more suited to wedding pictures and highly recommended this location.

In any case, we have all the necessary lighting to shoot entirely indoors in any location. After all, this is Newfoundland, and we are prepared!


Can you take Black and White pictures / Can my pictures be printed in Black and White? What about Selective Colouring?

All pictures can be printed in Colour, Black and White or Sepia (antique / aged black and white) at no extra charge.


Selective Colouring (pictured) is also included in all packages at no additional charge.


Are the guests at my wedding allowed to also take pictures while you are shooting? How about the videographer?

Yes, we have no problem with other people taking pictures, provided that they are not an obstacle to us completing our work.


Can you take a picture of me with my pet?

Sure, no problem. Pets are part of the family too!


How long after the wedding do I have to wait before my proofs are ready?

Proofs are ready about eight weeks after the wedding date, unless otherwise specified.

The proofs are yours to keep .


Are my proofs going to be marked in any way, or will they be printed on paper that is designed to fade over time?

No, proof images are not watermarked and are not designed to intentionally fade or degrade in any way.


Can I make prints and enlargements from the disc that comes with my session?

Yes, Prints can be made from your disc at any establishment that offers photofinishing, like labs at Walmart, Costco, etc.. You’ll get a “Limited Licence / Usage Rights” form that specifically grants permission to make copies of the images. It’s a good idea to take a copy of this form when picking up your prints at the lab.

Note that some older photo kiosks may not read our disc, so you may have to bring your files in on a USB device or picture card.


After my proofs are delivered, how do I pick additional / enlargement prints?

You simply email the image numbers and sizes you want.


After my enlargement package prints are ordered, how long does it take to have them developed? How do I get them? Can I pick them up?

After placing your order, it is generally processed within five business days.

For destinations within Canada, delivery time is generally two to three weeks (from the time that your order is placed until they arrive at your door). local pickup within St. John's is available.


Can I select a different picture for each of my enlargement package prints?

Yes, each enlargement you select can be a unique picture (example, each 8x10 can be a different photograph). Also note that, in cases where one picture size is substituted for another (if one 8x10 is replaced by two 5x7, for example) each one of those pictures can be unique as well.


How long does it take to get a Fine Art Presentation Book (what is the turnaround time)?

Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for design, printing and shipping.